Britney Baker is a vibrant and driven 30-year-old inspirational mentor, speaker and business woman. She is a current resident of Jacksonville, FL, but she is setting an example for young women all around the world. Britney has been a public speaker 10 years’, a preacher, workshop facilitator, seminar teacher and personal mentor. She is also the CEO of a thriving premium fragrance company called L’arome Factory. Inc.


Britney is also an ambitious author and has already published her first book entitled “This Messed up Church Girl” and is currently releasing her second book “Thinking in High Definition”. Britney is always in awe of opportunities to mentor and guide promising individuals awaken their creative ability, find their identity, maximize their purpose and guide them in the right direction of becoming the world’s next great innovator. Many people reach out to Britney for her creative direction and to help them turn a good idea into a great idea. Equipped with strong attributes and skills, Britney believes she has the required credentials to guide and help others fulfill their objectives and reach their dreams and goals.


Britney is a highly ambitious and determined individual and wants to empower and motivate as many dreamers as possible to turn their dreams into realities. She wants to assist people in paving their way to success. She has also received the ACHI Magazine “Editor’s Choice Award”. She has appeared on various TV networks, magazine articles, she is a highly sought-after speaker and much more.  In addition to all of her accomplishments, Britney loves reading inspirational books, working with her mom in ministry and helping others. Britney is currently working on her new YouTube channel “Britney the Creative Coach” with the ultimate goal of using the gifts God has given her to touch lives all over the world.